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Dynamo is a software environment for subtomogram averaging of cryo-EM data.

Our goal is to provide a reliable tool for all kind of users: newcomers needing a mild learning curve, advanced users with lots of data to process as fast as possible, and developers that need a flexible framework to test new ideas and algorithms.

A more detailed description of the package can be found in the publication:

Dynamo: A flexible, user-friendly development tool for subtomogram averaging of cryo-EM data in high-performance computing environments.

Castaño-Díez D, Kudryashev M, Arheit M, Stahlberg H., J Struct Biol. 2012 Jan 8.

Please cite this paper if Dynamo is useful in your research.


Getting started

You can start your first steps in Dynamo with this short guide. Tutorials for more specific functionalities are available in the documentation area.  


Hardware requirements

Dynamo is adapted to run in a number of computing devices: desktops, multicore machines, single or multiple GPU systems and/or large parallel clusters.


Software requirements

The executables can run as standalone programs without any licensing requirements for third party software. However, we encourage users to use Dynamo in conjunction with Matlab. In our experience, Matlab syntax for data manipulation elliminates the most cumbersome parts of the work and lets users focus on the design of experiments and the analysis of their results. Dynamo has been designed to benefit as much as possible from these capabilities, while also providing support for non-Matlab users.



We see  Dynamo  as a collaborative effort of developers and users.

Its application on new data sets might require some adaption effort, introduction of new procedures, or location of possible misfunctions. We will be happy to get feedback from you:  Feel free to use the Pinboard or to send us a mail for any comment, feature request or bug report. User input is the best way we have to improve our software.







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